Sergeant & the Commando

Sergeant Tejnorová & the Commando is the name of the creative group (formerly also known as Tejnorová & the Company) surrounding director Petra Tejnorová. The original label “team” was gradually replaced by “the Commando”. Tejnorová’s interest in combining various genres has led to the formation of a creative unit whose core always remains the same, or eventually, individual members vary/alternate depending on the chosen project theme/subject. The PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE cooperation with: Šimon Dvořáček – cameraman, Zuzana Walter – film editing,  Martina Musilová – dramaturgy,  Jan Burian – music, Matěj Samec – dramaturgy, Tomáš Vtípil – music, Jaro Cossiga – music, Lukáš Jiřička – dramaturgy, Jonáš Strouhal – interactive design, Jaroslav Hrdlička – video and video-technical cooperation, Antonín Šilar – stage design,Simona Babčáková – actress,  Máša Černíková – stage design, Jaroslav Plesl – actor, Adriana Černá – stage design, Marek Bartoš – PR photography, Tomáš Vrána – graphic design, Michal Turlík – graphic design, Jaroslav Fidrmuc – stage design, Martha Issová – and other actors from Dejvické Theatre,  Jiří Nachlinger – stage design,  Vanda Hybnerová – actress, Jaro Viňarský – choreographic cooperation, Petr Vančura – actor,  Lucia Kašiarová – choreographic cooperation,  Johana Schmidtmajerová – actress, Rostislav Novák – choreographic cooperation, Hana Mullerová – actress, Ondřej Bauer – actor, Patrik Sedlák – light design, Štepánka Glogarová/Cossigová – actress, Csongor Kassai – actor,  Zuzana Síkorová – choreographic cooperation,  Milena Jelínková – actress, Blanka Josephová-Luňáková – actress and author, Milan Hajn – actor, Antonín Procházka – and other actors from the  ALFA Theatre, Matija Solce – puppeteer, Pavol Smolárik – actor, Anna Bubníková – actress, Feketeseretlek – music,  Gymnázium Františka Křižíka Pilsen Students – literary cooperation,  David Šachl – video, Šimon Kočí – light design,  Maja Danadová – actress, Daria Iwan – actress, Vendula Štíchová/Holičková – actress, Jakub Gottwald – actress, Václav Jelínek – actor, Bára Gregorová – literary cooperation, Barbara Humel – actress, Vratislav Šrámek – music cooperation, Jonáš Rosůlek/Needles – music, Josef Maděra – technical cooperation, Adéla Vosičková – PR photography, Zdeněk Pecha – actor,  Tereza Tausingerová and other actors graduated from KALD DAMU in the 2007/2008 season, Karel František Tománek – dramaturgy, Julia Maňkovská  – and other PWST Krakow-Wroclav students,  students of the 2011/2012 graduation season. PETRA TEJNOROVÁ alias sergeant Tejnorová completed her master’s degree in direction at KALD DAMU in 2009. She chose Shakespeare’s goriest tragedy, Titus Andronicus, as her graduate production and that drew the critics’ attention as well as an audience response. During her studies, she has already presented her productions at festivals abroad as well as in the Czech Republic (Award of the student and professional committees at the VIIIth International Festival of Puppetry Schools, Wroclaw 2006, in the same year also at the ZLOMVAZ Festival Prague, Award for theatre at the International Festival Zdarzenia – Tczew – Europa 2007, Award for direction at Skupa’s Pilsen 2008). Her work abroad culminated in two international projects, a two part theatre road movie MEMORY OF LANDSCAPE – LANDSCAPE OF MEMORY and a production called Personal Anamnesis, which originated in the course of the Totalitarian Circus project. In 2008, Petra Tejnorová was nominated for the Alfred Radok Award in the talent category and in 2009 she received the Prize of Josef Hlávka. Today, she continues with her post-graduate studies in the Alternative and Puppet Production and its Theory course. She explores the various possibilities of actor-spectator relationships, she is searching for a new role for theatre in today’s world, and she is experimenting with physical and documentary theatre and theatrical conventions. In this way she creates her own theatre projects as well as guest directions. In her original productions she emphasizes team work, devising methods and processuality – perceiving a performance as a unique event. In her last projects, she also worked from personal stories, from stories of people from various contexts and nationalities using varied audiovisual means and video reshoots. When Petra Tejnorová works with text she aims at loosening the structures of dramatic texts, at non-fabulative compositions such as montages, collages etc.  She is also interested in so-called open texts: texts, which are not originally dramatic. She has cooperated with the National Theatre New Stage, Dejvicke Theatre, Archa Theatre, Minor Theatre, Alfa, Ponec, Alfred ve Dvoře, Roxy/Nod and Disk.  Some of her latest directions: EDGE – an international production, a theatrical-film probe of the (so called) old-agers’ lives, the second part of a theatrical diptych dedicated to questions of age. JIŽÁK, CITY OF DREAMS – the first part of the above mentioned diptych, a theatrical-film probe of the contemporary and future lives of teenagers from Prague’s South City. LIFEshow – a theatrical reality show balancing between performance, installation and theatre. Emotion, suspense, laughter, but also manipulation and effects TimINg – a concert for 8 dancers and orchestra, cooperation with Berg Orchestra and Dekka Dancers THE BOOK ABOUT A PLAN – walk movie, inspired by Master Sun’s Chinese book on warfare HOW MUCH DOES YOUR DESIRE WEIGH – dance production, cooperation with VerTeDance, it won the Dance Production of the Year Award at the Czech Dance Platform 2012 festival. MY FUNNY GAMES – an original theatre variation on topics raised in M. Haneke’s movie Funny Games IAS ON ME DE A – a text collage based on the Iason and Medea myth and texts related to this topic, from myth to material BLUEBEARD/DRAEBEULB – an original revival of the legend about the man with a blue beard NOW 55 31 13 I – a play about the world of pubescents and adolescents, one day in the life of teenagers Petra Tejnorová’s productions and original projects have been presented in several prestigious festivals abroad, where they were appreciated both by professional and non-professional audiences. (Poland – Wroclaw and Warsaw, Slovakia – Bratislava and Žilina, Italy – Rome, Hungary – Budapest, Sweden – Stockholm, Portugal – Lisabon, Great Britain – London). Beside directing and original productions, Petra Tejnorová together with dramaturge Matěj Samec has issued two publications at AMU publishing. They are the anthology Memory of Landscape – Landscape of Memory: the Perception Shape Depends on the Viewpoint and Ias On Me De A (Myth, Material, Discourse, Dialogue). Tejnorová has also carried out several workshops in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland: Actor as a Site-Specific – choreographic cooperation with L. Kašiarová Personal Anamnesis _lab. –  choreographic cooperation with L. Kašiarová and J. Viňarský Personal Anamnesis _lab._two – cooperation with actors from the production of Personal Anamnesis 2 Times WW – choreographic cooperation with R. Novák Man Fed by Ice – choreographic cooperation with I. Đukic She is also a teacher at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of the Academy of Performing Arts – Theatre Faculty (KALD DAMU) at present. IMG_7932 IMG_7933 SGT1 SGT3 SGT 898989 SGRT66666SGT45plachta_fin_WHITE2