My Funny Games

Petra Tejnorová and co.

DISK Theatre, 2011

To get dissolved in one’s loved ones. Not to have any evil thoughts, not to gossip, not to steal, not to cheat, to love, to trust oneself and others. To laugh at one’s own weaknesses and the lapses of others, to know how to forgive. Not to know how to hit, not to know how to cry, not to want to hurt, to hate insincerity.

Can we start?

A wild, risky performance

Why do we selfishly pursue our own success and aren’t afraid to be ruthless? Envy and hate on the hands of the uncontrollable crowd, each one of us being a part of it and unable to break free from it. And it is this life decadence, from which there is no escape, and stereotype that define contemporary life.

In short, My Funny Games depict the crisis of the modern society and communality as such in a colourful and especially original manner. The serious theme managed to make every single audience member stop and think a little bit about their lives and also about the people around them, about those they meet every day.

Adéla Křížová

The performance deals with violence in all its forms. Be it explicit physical violence, violence well concealed by an intention of general welfare and happiness or violence inflicted upon the soul. Violence committed on others, on one’s neighbours, but also on ourselves. The theme of crime and punishment is being revealed. The theme: who can stand on the judges’ pedestal, and how long they will manage to stay on it. How firm are the barriers that we – the society – have set up?

The whole concept of the performance is a novelty in our territory, one that the audience is not accustomed to.

Gabriela Nedbálková

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  • Directed by: Petra Tejnorová
  • Dramaturge: Lukáš Jiřička
  • Production: Simona Surovková, Lucie Špačková, Matěj Vlašánek, Anna Vrbová
  • Stage Design: Adriana Černá
  • Music: Jan Burian
  • Choreography support: Jaro Viňarský
  • Cast: Sofia Adamová Andrea Ballayová Jiří Böhm Eva Burešová Mikuláš Čížek Josef Jelínek Barbora Kubátová Marek Menšík Richard Vokůrka Petr Vydarený
  • Photo: A.Vosičková